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Quality assurance

A Clean City was established in 1986 and since then has been providing high quality commercial cleaning with personalised service.

Fundamental to our success and growth has been a rigorous quality management policy which is consistently communicated to our cleaning staff.

An important part of our quality management policy is a firm commitment to reduction of our carbon emissions and the introduction of all forms of recycling and environmentally friendly cleaning mechanisms. We view quality control and continuous development as the foundation to our commercial cleaning business.

Our overall quality assurance cleaning policy contains a variety of key action points, some of which are:

  • Maintaining open and constructive communication of our quality objectives with our clients and staff.
  • Recognising that continual improvement of our quality management system is in itself a key quality objective.
  • Developing internal processes and capabilities to meet and exceed clients’ requirements and ensuring employees are aware and understand these requirements.
  • Managing and conducting our operations using systems and controls which ensure commercial dealings are always in a professional manner and in line with our personalised and responsive operating culture.
  • Developing and training our people to ensure they are fully involved and contribute to our quality based objectives.
  • Regularly reviewing our quality policy for relevance to operations and to ensure our operations reflect our policy.

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    What our clients are saying

    A Clean City have been undertaking works for over 7 years on a number of properties that are managed by Jamesons. The clients are impressed with their quality control and suggestions they provide that can enhance the property.

    Michael Vumbaca
    Jameson’s Strata Management