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Occupational health and safety

A Clean City is committed to occupational health and safety management in all areas of our operations.

The steps we take to ensure we achieve this include:

  • Ensuring our overall OH&S systems and policies are relevant and current as our industry evolves.
  • Complying with all relevant OH&S legislation, regulations and other relevant requirements.
  • Establishing measurable objectives and targets to ensure continued improvement which are all aimed at making our workplaces safe and usable for all staff and visitors.
  • Ensuring our policies and procedures are communicated to our staff in a way that they understand and is usable in their scope of work.
  • Continuously reviewing our policy to ensure it is evolving with the industry, regulatory and best practice standards which may apply.

A Clean City views OH&S as part of our quality control procedures and is therefore fundamental to our business. Read more about our quality assurance philosophy.

Our OH&S procedures and policies are introduced at our sites (where applicable and possible) and are a core part of our business philosophy.

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What our clients are saying

A Clean City have been undertaking works for over 7 years on a number of properties that are managed by Jamesons. The clients are impressed with their quality control and suggestions they provide that can enhance the property.

Michael Vumbaca
Jameson’s Strata Management