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Medical facilities

A Clean City is your specialised medical facility cleaning company with over 20 years experience. We specialise in:

  • Hospital cleaning services
  • Medical centre and clinic cleaning services
  • Pathology clinic cleaning services
  • Dental clinic cleaning services
  • All other associated facilities

A Clean City is a compliant OH&S service provider with rigorous requirements for colour coding, chemical and equipment usage.

We observe and comply with all relevant OH&S requirements and seek to continuously improve our procedures in line with evolving best practice measures, relevant to medical facility cleaning.

A Clean City observes the Victorian Department Of Health Cleaning Standards for Victorian Health Facilities 2011 procedures (in the absence of a similar and accessible NSW state version) as a model for best practice.

We use chemicals which are listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods and observe the requirements that similar bodies provide with regard to medical facility cleaning. This generally includes the use of machinery such as scrubbing machines in addition to normal cleaning services.

Our research and development is continuous, and we are always looking at ways we can deliver our services in the most effective manner, achieving the best possible results for your facility.

We use microfibre technology in our services as well as the use of leading equipment to minimise the use of harsh chemicals.

Recently, we introduced a walk behind scrubbing machine that uses microfibre technology. The machine is built to utilise a microfiber cleaning pad, opposed to the usual scrubbing pad, which means substantially less chemical is used, and the microfibre not only cleans the floor but also provides a burnishing action that will enhance the shine of the surface. A Clean City is one of the few cleaning companies in Australia using this advanced technology.

Read more about A Clean City and the personalised and innovative service that will mean your facility will be clean, sanitised and safe.

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    What our clients are saying

    A Clean City have been undertaking works for over 7 years on a number of properties that are managed by Jamesons. The clients are impressed with their quality control and suggestions they provide that can enhance the property.

    Michael Vumbaca
    Jameson’s Strata Management