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Aged care facilities

A Clean City has extensive experience in the aged care industry and our boutique operating culture based on servicing individual client needs is well suited to individual facilities.

We are constantly looking at ways we can deliver our services in the most effective manner, achieving the best possible results for your facility.

We observe the Department Of Health And Ageing, Standards & Guidelines for Residential Aged Care Services Manual (Section 2, Standard 4) for guidance in service provision in aged care facilities. We ensure we keep up to date with regulators and industry developments to ensure continuous improvement.

We feature the use of microfibre technology and up to date equipment in our services to minimise the use of harsh chemicals.

Our chemicals are sourced from specialised suppliers, Whiteley Medical, to ensure we only use the most suitable chemicals and agents on your premises.

We also offer full mattress cleaning services using the latest Kirby Machinery and Health Guard chemical range.

Recently, we introduced a walk behind scrubbing machine that uses microfibre technology. The machine is built to utilise a microfiber cleaning pad, opposed to the usual scrubbing pad, which means substantially less chemical is used, and the microfiber not only cleans the floor but also provides a burnishing action that enhances the shine of the surface. A Clean City is one of the few cleaning companies in Australia using this advanced technology.

Read more about A Clean City and the personalised and innovative service that will mean your facility will be clean, sanitised and safe.

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    What our clients are saying

    A Clean City advised ways in which we can improve the day to day cleanliness over all 3 floors of the office and how to comply with OH&S requirements.

    Anthony Halas
    Seafolly Australia