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What’s the best way to treat dust mites?

Dust mites are far too small to see with the unaided eye, but for many of us, you can definitely feel their presence. Dust mites are the single most common allergen that people inhale in their homes and offices. They undermine the health of the allergic, triggering runny noses, headaches, and asthma attacks.

Steam cleaning is the best method. Carpets are pre-sprayed with the appropriate cleaning solution and then steam cleaned with clean hot water only to rinse all solution out of the carpets. This ensures your carpets stay cleaner a lot longer as there is no chemical residue left behind.

For heavily soiled carpets we scrub the carpets after the pre-spray solution has been applied, using a carpet orbiter to scrub and agitate the pile. This loosens the embedded dust and dirt which then lifts easily when steam cleaned. The results are amazing.

How does A Clean City work out the cost for cleaning my premises?

Give us a call and we’ll work out a convenient time to come and meet you and to have a look at your premises. Our pricing is mainly dependent on your requirements. We’ll prepare an obligation free quote after this meeting.

Are you covered by insurance?

A Clean City carries all insurances required by law including public liability insurances and workers compensation insurance. Certificate of currencies can be provided upon request.

How do we get in touch with A Clean City in emergency situations?

Our main line (02 9550 2423) is open 24 hours 7 days a week. We are able to attend to any of our clients’ emergency cleaning needs promptly and efficiently.

If I have a problem or query, who can I talk to?

A Clean City maintains a very accessible communication approach. Any query or concern you have is dealt with by senior management and actioned almost instantly. When you have a query, you are guaranteed to speak to someone who you know, but importantly knows your premises.

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    What our clients are saying

    A Clean City advised ways in which we can improve the day to day cleanliness over all 3 floors of the office and how to comply with OH&S requirements.

    Anthony Halas
    Seafolly Australia